Colour Consultant

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Ivy + Finch Design, the Colour Consultant You Need for Your Home

The right colour consultant will breathe new life into your home. Ivy and Finch Design have been transforming homes for over ten years. We started in South Africa and then relocated to Australia in 2010, where through hard work, commitment, and dedication have seen our business grow. We passionately believe that a home should reflect your individuality. It should be timeless, beautiful, and, most of all, functional. 

What You Can Expect From Ivy and Finch Design as Your Home Colour Consultant

We love what we do, and we love to do it with you. Every space is unique, whether it’s a child’s room or play area or an office or workspace or an outdoor area. As a home colour consultant, we don’t just decorate; instead, we invent and inspire.

  • A personal approach. Before the initial consultation, we wish to have a casual chit-chat to get to know more about you. We believe this is important in being able to provide you with the best possible solutions. Overall, we want your experience with us to be an easy and enjoyable one.
  • Collaborative design (and thinking). We work with you every step of the way and always welcome your input and ideas. Sharing is caring. We have an extensive trade-only supplier directory and even share a percentage of our discounts with you so you can save more.
  • Comprehensive (creative) solutions. Our range of services is endless and includes renovations, full interior design, and spatial planning, interior styling, colour consulting, lighting design, re-upholstering, custom-made cabinetry and furniture, renovations, and extensions, as well as delivery and storage. 

We will oversee the entire process from start to finish at a lower cost.

The Importance of Having an Interior Colour Consultant

An interior colour consultant studies the complexity of colour design within any given space and in line with the client’s specific goals. Colour is an important visual element and communication tool; it can either unify all elements in the space or detract from it entirely. Hiring a professional will save you time and money while eliminating much of the guesswork. 

  • Knowledge. Having the required facts, information, and skills such as colour psychology, demographics, and colour design theories and applications, to name a few, will ensure a quality result.
  • The complexity of the project. Whether you’re painting one room or remodelling an entire house, a consultant can provide you with a valuable service, regardless of how big or small.
  • Other elements. Creating the right colour palette is as important as the combination of several other elements. For instance, lighting conditions (did you know paint colours absorb light?), furnishings and accessories, and other architectural features.

Why Choose Ivy + Finch Design as Your Colour Consultant

We excel at transforming your house into a home and one that truly reflects you as an individual or as a family — functional living for the everyday person.

If you are based in Australia, we are excited to meet with you, have that cup of tea or coffee, and discuss your design needs. Contact us today.