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Commission Ivy + Finch to Create Your Ideal Piece of Custom Furniture in Brisbane 

City living inevitably comes with space limitations – to work around this Ivy + Finch designs custom furniture in Brisbane, made according to your exact specifications. The more you can customise to your space, the easier it is to use every inch of it. 

Common Mistakes People Make With Interior Design and Furnishing

Large furnishings are a significant investment, so read through these tips before committing to your next item. 

Choosing or creating the right furniture requires a trained and knowledgeable eye that will work with the overall look and feel of your interior. 

Tips Regarding Commissioning Custom Made Furniture in Brisbane  

If you can’t find anything in the shops that suits your taste, Ivy + Finch provides a simply custom made furniture solution. Just follow these three steps to work with us to create the piece of your Pinterest board dreams. 

Why trust Ivy + Finch Regarding Custom Made Cushions and Furniture Design 

Whether you’re after a couch, armchairs, headboards, ottomans, or all of them, you name it; Ivy + Finch can execute the perfect piece. Not only do we create the framework, but we also fit pieces with bespoke custom made cushions. 

Australian-made with a three- to six-week turnaround time and exceptional quality, more often than not, these pieces are better value for money and more affordable than store-bought furniture, so, what are you waiting for? Contact Ivy + Finch to commission your custom piece.