Create the Home You Desire with Our Interior Decorator service in Brisbane

You will make your home a sanctuary when you enlist the help of our interior decorator in Brisbane. Whether you want a full overhaul with custom furniture or assistance selecting the perfect wall colour, we will tailor our services to suit your needs. We believe that everyone deserves a timeless, functional, and beautiful home, and we can make that happen without being limited to trends or retail store products.

What Sets Ivy + Finch Design Apart Regarding Design Interior Decoration

We make your experience with us easy, enjoyable, and affordable.

  • We get to know our clients: We enjoy getting to know our clients and find out what home means to them. During our initial consultation, we will thoroughly study your home to discover the best layout for the furnishings you already have and gain valuable information for creating a fresh design plan. We help you reimagine the best use of your space and ensure that your home is the ideal reflection of your style.
  • You will receive a tailored design plan: Regardless of how large or small your project, we will create a unique and personalised interior design that reflects your style and what you desire in a home. This plan will include a 3D scale flooring plan, furniture layout, paint and design schedules, and more.
  • We have access to trade-only suppliers: Our interior decoration won’t limit you to products found in retail stores. We can create custom items, and we have access to trade-only suppliers. You can ensure you get the best price on an item with our trade discount.

Benefits of Interior Decoration Design by Ivy + Finch Design 

We have a wide range of interior design services so you can select the option that suits you. 

  • Full interior design and spatial planning: We can help you overhaul your home and create unique spaces that match your style, personality, and function of the room. This service can include interior architectural planning, furnishing and material selection, and more for complete interior design.
  • Colour consulting: Selecting the perfect colour and shade is made easier with our experience and skills. We can help you confidently pick a room colour that will give you the effect you desire. Our service includes a painting schedule so you can easily achieve the changes and an excellent painter who will do an outstanding job.
  • Custom furniture: We can design and make custom cabinetry and furniture so that it perfectly matches your space and needs.

Why Trust Ivy + Finch Regarding Interior Decoration Design?

We have extensive experience in the design industry and will help to create a comfortable, functional, and stylish home. Whether you require assistance finishing off a room or desire a full decoration and design service, we can meet your needs with fun and ease. We have access to a wide range of skilled tradespeople and there are no limitations to our services. Contact us today to book a chat with our talented designer.