Inner-City Barrister’s Chambers

The bright and colourful renovation of a barrister’s chambers in the heart of Brisbane City.

inner-city barrister’s chambers interior design

A bright and colourful barrister’s chambers

Amidst a renovation of the chambers, two barristers approach Ivy + Finch to design their new office space to suit their needs precisely. The catch? They wanted to step away from the leather bond look of a corporate law office and create a space that was colourful, bright and welcoming – a delight to work in every day.

Bronwyn Burrows led this interior overhaul, injecting her signature use of bold colour and innate sense of fun into this office. Having previously worked with one of the Barristers on her home, Bron was able to quickly tap into what the clients wanted and come up with a concept that suited their needs exactly. With the help of fellow interior designer, Sophie, the Ivy and Finch team quickly realised that what they were hoping to achieve couldn’t be found in an average store.

“Excluding the mirror and office chairs, everything in this space was completely custom, right down to the cushions,“ says Bron of the collaborative project. “Once again, we worked with a manufacturer to modify a chaise to create a bench seat at the end of the desk. Our clients can now enjoy sitting their and working on their laptops whilst taking in the view of the city.“

Two large built-in storage units were designed to store the large amount of files required by the clients. “We decided to soften the cabinetry by adding grasscloth wallpaper into the profiles of the cupboard doors and drawers,“ says Bron. “This allowed us to bring in another textured element to the space, creating layers to give a more welcoming and residential feel.“

Stand out wallpaper

“When our clients told us they wanted to go bold for their space, we knew wallpaper was the ticket,“ says Bron. “The suggestion of Squawk Jaffa by Lewis & Wood was an immediate hit as it allowed us to brighten the space. We chose this style because the two-tone effect added colour and interest without detracting from the view of the city through the opposite window.“

“Rather than adding artwork to the space, we chose to add a mirror that reflected the view of the city and allowed the clients to check themselves before they walked out the door and headed to court.“

corporate law office interior design brisbane
Commercial Interior Design Brisbane City Office

3D renders

“It was an absolute joy to work on this project because we we able to show our clients what was in our heads the whole way through,“ says Bron. “With so many fixed elements and custom-designed cabinetry we decided to create 3D renders for each concept every step of the way.“

Rather than just providing a 2D plan or cabinetry drawings (which can be tricky to understand for the untrained eye), 3D renders are a great tool to show the client exactly what they are getting.

“The renders were a great tool for us in this project,“ says Sophie, “because it allowed our clients to easily gauge the scale of the desk and shelving that we had designed. This meant that they were able to come back to us with feedback really quickly, saying they needed more workspace here but could lose some there and so on.“

The results

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